Welcome to the ‘Royally Rich’ catalogue of stories, highlighting how Royal babies and children were raised from Victorian times through to today. Royally Rich carries over 300 stories.  Here is a brief synopsis of some of our historic milestones.

Princess Victoria:

Lifestyle at Kensington palace

Collection of dolls

The day Princess Victoria was made Queen

Her tyrannical father figure

How she fell for Prince Albert

Queen Victoria:

Life with Prince Albert

Her son’s scalp was shaved to discover how intelligent he was. Her first son Bertie’s eight-hour regime at the age of four.

Tales of her daughter 'Princessy' and granddaughter Princess Victoria.

Her grandsons Eddy and George were sent to sea for three years aged eight and ten.

How Eddy got caught up in a gay lifestyle and visited an infamous club. He apparently fathered an illegitimate son.


George V1 / Queen Mother:

George was forced to stop writing left-handed which caused his stutter, aka Kings Speech film.

He asked Elizabeth Bowes Lyons to marry him three times.

The Queen Mother’s childhood… A secret smoker at 9 years old! She and her brother David were known as the Benjamin’s.

George V1 & Queen Mother were the modernisers of the Royal childrens upbringing.

Queen Mother was the first Royal to breastfeed.

They employed Marion Crawford to be the modern nanny.

The first generation of Royals to have children who did not live in fear of their parents.

Life in Windsor during the war.

Queen Mother said, when they were advised to flee to Canada during the war " The King will not leave his country, I and the children will not leave the King".

The young lifestyles of Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret :

With their parents…how their love of horses evolved…cuddles in the morning…schoolroom dramas…the differences in nature between Elizabeth and Margaret

Princess Elizabeth’s famous left hook…pouring ink over her head to stop her Lessons

Marion Crawford, the nanny allows the Princesses to get dirty…travelling around London on a bus…playing like other children in Green Park

The demise of the nanny

Elizabeth and Margaret curtsey to King after he is crowned

The love affair of Elizabeth and Phillip…


The modern Royal family, stories and intrigues of Charles, Ann, Andrew and Edward:

Intimate stories of Prince Charles…toy soldiers…poking tongue out to the crowd and being chastised…punished for throwing snowballs at Guardsmen…lonely childhood…caught crying in a public farewell and banned from seeing off his parents again. His sad times in Australia and how the Queen Mother came to his aid. The death of his beloved Uncle Mountbatten…Meeting Diana


Diana, William and Harry:

43 stories on the early lifestyle…the Queens ten commandments which William had to adhere to when out in public…Diana breaking traditions…times at Eton…William wearing an electronic tag…his love of shooting and painting…his anger of paparazzi, how he hated having his photo taken…the love Diana brought…life after Diana…Tiggy Legge Bourke, his surrogate mother…Diana’s hatred, his favourite foods,,,life at Sandhurst…balloons around the playground.

Harry taking drugs, his likes and dislikes including amusement parksand fast foods…now both turned 30.


Life with William, Kate and George:

Some of their secret lifestyles…trying to live like a normal couple…how the Queen influences their lives and the benefits of Royal patronage…Incorporated within this is how the Queen operates her life today which both William and Charles will have to emulate…secrets of lifestyles and funny stories behind Palace walls.



The collection of over 300 hundred stories on Royal children and their Lifestyles can be used for both broadcast and exhibition purposes