The Royally Rich Afternoon Tea Club

Special Royally Rich events, focussed at the over 50s market place.

Royally Rich afternoon teas, created by and run in association with chosen working partners, have been a great success over the past five years.

The regular audience are the over 50s age group who thoroughly enjoy the Royal experience.

Marketing surveys state that this demographic group have the most disposable income, and make up 35% of the population.

Ironically this peer group is regularly ignored!

Our vision is to utilise our Royal experience and incorporate invited commercial products from insurance and financial, to retail shopping and leisure services. A series of four events a year will be launched, dovetailing into this specific marketplace.

Royal Exhibitions

The ‘Royal Child’ An Exhibition of rare photographs of Royal children from Victorian times to the present day.

  • Lectures on the lifestyles of Royal children throughout the past 140 years presented by Ian Pelham-Turner and Helena Chard. 
  • Personal reminiscences of 30 years of commissions covering four generations of the Royal family

         ‘Questions and Answers’

  • ‘Royal Experience’: Portrait photography of guests by Ian Pelham-Turner and Helena Chard.

  • Exhibition comprising of 30 / 50 framed Royal photographs.

  • A design layout, adaptable to any chosen site and setting both intimate and grand

  • The Exhibition can also be shown across multi-sites complimenting Royal celebrations.

Previous exhibitions, hosted by ‘Royally Rich’ have generated media interest and future potential for participating sites.  The website is designed to be an information highway for broadcast media around the world.

Event Benefits

  • Generates positive PR coverage in all media.

  • Drives interested parties into sponsors’ websites.

  • Sales Vouchers can be attached to enquiries.

  • The Royal Photography Exhibition and brand enhances

          sponsorship and partner brands.

  • Proven footfall, awareness and sales potential for participating sites, as reflected by the company track record.

Potential Media Opportunities

  • Pre-coverage, announcing the event(s) to Local, Regional, National and International media:

  • Target:  Print and broadcast media with a simple opportunity to use the product base within the

  • Opportunity for media interviews with Ian Pelham-Turner / Helena Chard including personal experiences working with four generations of the Royal Family, highlighting the first official Christmas photos of Baby Prince Williams in December 1982 with Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.

  • Create a sponsored fact-sheet, which can be distributed carrying images and unusual facts about Royal children from Victorian days until the present days. This can carry sponsorship.

  • A sponsored website,, will be seen as a major Information site regarding how Royal children have been raised since Victorian times.  This will be of great interest to global media.