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City Cruises Royally Rich Afternoon Tea June 2015

Chewton Glen 16th May 2015

Non-residential £65 per person.

Includes: arrival coffee * A conversation with Ian and Helena * Royally Rich Royal Photograhy Exhibiton


 pre-lunch drink * three-course lunch with wines and coffee *


English Asparagus
poached egg, Dorset truffle hollandaise

Honey Glazed Breast of Duck
salsify, juniper buttered cabbage, red wine sauce

Beaulieu Strawberry Vacherin
vanilla cream, lime syrup

Limited Spaces available. Must be booked in advance by calling Reservations on 01425 282212 or email reservations@chewtonglen.com

Royal specialists and Directors of Royally Rich, Helena Chard and Ian Pelham –Turner have worked with four generations of the Royal family, servicing photography commissions for a range of top clients. They also have over 15 years experience working within the global events industry, servicing premium brands.

They regularly appear on television programmes around the world (since 2010) and have shared their insight in how Royal children have been raised since Victorian times. This has created the equivalent to £30 million worth of television exposure for the company and their 5 star hotel client base.

The Royally Rich group offers five communication and training platforms:

1 The Royal Child exhibition and experience.

This involves a photographic exhibition of Royal children from Victorian times through to the present day, along with lectures and anecdotes on their history and lifestyles. It is designed to give audiences an understanding of the culture and values of the Royal family and highlight how historical events still govern their policy decisions.
Premium hotels in Britain book the Royal experience for their clients and the successful event will shortly exhibit in China.

2 Royally Rich TV

The Royal specialists have extensive experience working with major TV companies across the world (see global media tabs for details) They appear weekly as the Royal and Celebrity anchors on the Sky lifestyle programme, The ChrissyB show on Sky 203. They have a unique insight in television programme production and are launching their own TV productions with specific Sky channels late 2014. They will offer an inexpensive platform to both start up and premium brand businesses enabling promotion of their product range. There is also the opportunity, to promote values to a 360 million Chinese audience through Weibou communications.

3 Professional YouTube channels: Websites: TV skills

Create professional YouTube channels for clients, servicing their
video and SEO requirements and utilising the service for sales
intelligence and drivers.

Create professional websites

Training in Presentation and TV skills

4 Photography Training Course

A ten-month training course offers vital instruction on how to become a professional photographer and offers help creating commercial portfolios.

5 A Unique Combined Package

Clients receive a package of the above services:

Corporate video promotion:

YouTube facilities with SEO / Google ranking, sales intelligence and drivers:

The video promotion will also featured on a segment of airtime on Sky channels. segments will be received by 3 million homes in Britain.

Please contact us with your requirements.


ImaSome ima                  Some images from the new Exhibition all colour photography is by Helena Chard, black an                                                  and white of Charles, Diana and William is by Ian Pelham-Turner.