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   Helena Chard                                  
Ian Pelham-Turner

Ian Pelham-Turner

Royal Photographer and Royal Commentator

Ian Pelham-Turner
is an award winning Royal Photographer and Royal Commentator.  Throughout the past 46 years, he has worked with four generations of the Royal family.  Ian shares anecdotes and talks of his exploits during this time at Royal Photographic Experience Events. 

Ian Pelham-Turner’s career in Tourism started in 1980, following 16 years with the National Newspapers of Fleet Street. In December 1982, he was commissioned to take the first official photographs of baby Prince William with Prince Charles and Princess Diana at Kensington Palace.  These images were the official Christmas Photographs for the Commonwealth.  He received the prestigious Martini Royal Award the following year.

In the 1990s, Ian assisted the electoral team to secure John Major, the office of Prime Minister.  Subsequently he took the Premiers' first official photographs which were distributed throughout 80 countries.

Ian's work has been diverse.  Amongst other projects, he produced a Media and Response Plan for the South East Tourist Board following their magazine marketing strategy in France and Holland.

In addition Ian has worked with British Airways commenting on Tourism in Eastern Europe and Northern Ireland; further to this role, he has advised the Hawaiian State Tourist Board, the Philippine Island Convention, Florida State Tourist Board, and Seaworld and the Singapore State Tourist Board.  Another aspect of Ian's role in Tourism was to assist the South West Australian Tourist Authority regarding vineyards in Australia and helped to generate a campaign for English wine to be sold throughout Europe.


  • CNN Anchor During The Royal Wedding Going Out To 250 Million homes across America.
  • BBC America – Co-ordinator and Judge For Reality TV Series Royally Mad.
  • BBC World Arabic – The Royal Family and Cameras.
  • NBC Hollywood Today. 
  • Chinese  Business Channel – Royal Correspondence to 10 million subscribers.
  • Canadian Broadcast Channel – Royal Hour. 
  • ITN – Five minute News Clip On Prince William.
  • Channel 9 The Breakfast Show.
  • New Zealand TV Live.
  • Pro 7.
  • Daily Mail Online / 
    Daily Express
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • CBC Canada
  • NBC News
  • French TV special
  • Channel 7 Australia, Channel 9 Australia
  • Fox TV, Good Morning America
  • ITV / ITV Daybreak
  • Canal Plus
  • Sky Sunrise breakfast news, Sky News 
  • Sky 203
  • BBC China / BBC China Specials
  • Dublin TV
  • Brazilian TV
  • ITV This Morning
  • CBC 6 o'clock special
  • BBC News / BBC News 24 / BBC World / 
  • Sky Chrissy B Special

Helena Chard

Royal Photographer, Royal & Celebrity Commentator, TV Presenter, Casting and Events


Helena Chard at London Fashion Week 

The T mobile Royal Wedding (Casting Consultant Helena Chard)

Helena Chard works on major viral events for worldwide global media and her
Photographic commissions form a major part of the Royal Exhibitions

Media achievements:

  • Susan Scott's Lookalikes
  • Sky Chrissy B Show
  • BBC
  • The Royal Event Canadian Broadcasting Corp
  • Canada am, Channel 9, a current affairs, 9 network Australia
  • KTLA5, Los Angeles
  • NBC Hollywood Extra
  • ABC News Prime Time
  • Good Morning America, ABC News
  • CBS, media centre, NBC Universal, the tonight show with Jay Leno           
  • Lion TV Ltd/BBC America  – Reality TV Show Royally Mad with Cat Deeley, 
  • Royal-Photographer and Production aid
  • Channel 9 Australia Breakfast Show
  • The Oprah Winfrey show
  • ITN News
  • Egg ’n’ pro, Korea
  • Istation, Korea 
  • BBC Radio 5 live / LBC / Dublin FM
  • Spiegel on-line
  • Marie Claire
  • Alison Jackson ltd
  • Wall to wall documentary / The Mail
  • Sunrise Sky breakfast news / Sky news / Sky 203
  • Entertainment Tonight
  • CBC Canada
  • NBC News
  • French TV Special
  • Channel 7 Australia / Channel 9 Australia
  • Fox TV / Good Morning America
  • ITV
  • Canal Plus
  • Dublin TV / Brazilian TV
  • BBC China

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